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“I have been friends and worked with Judge George Fearing for many years. I know him to be a man of high character and absolute integrity, who has distinguished himself by his intelligence and thoughtfulness, his knowledge and respect for the law, his wisdom and restraint, his kindness and compassion, and his dedication to service. Those are core qualities for anyone who is privileged to serve as a judge, and Judge Fearing possesses them in abundance. I am pleased to heartily endorse Judge Fearing for election to continue his seat on the Washington Court of Appeals.”


Judge Dennis Yule (retired)

Benton County Superior Court

Endorsed by EVERY Superior Court Judge in SE Washington!

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George Fearing for state Court of Appeals

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George Fearing is:


Rated "Well Qualified"

by the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, May 2013


Rated "Exceptionally Well Qualified"

by Washington Women Lawyers, May 2013



by the Benton County Young Republicans




George is endorsed across the spectrum of Southeast Washington's residents: Republicans, Democrats, and Independents



John Schultz

Andy Miller

Beau Ruff

Andrea Clare


Washington State Supreme Court Judges

Barbara Madsen, Washington Supreme Court

Charles Wiggins, Washington Supreme Court

Charles Johnson, Washington Supreme Court

Mary Fairhurst, Washington Supreme Court

Mary Yu, Washington Supreme Court

Susan Owens, Washington Supreme Court

Sheryl Gordon McCloud, Washington Supreme Court

Steven Gonzalez, Washington Supreme Court

Debra Stephens, Washington Supreme Court



Court of Appeals Judges

Steve Dwyer, Washington Court of Appeals

Linda Lau, Washington Court of Appeals

Marlin Applewick, Washington Court of Appeals

Michael Spearman, Washington Court of Appeals

Mary Kay Becker, Washington Court of Appeals

Michael Trickey, Washington Court of Appeals

Robert Leach, Washington Court of Appeals

Ann Schindler, Washington Court of Appeals

Jill Johanson, Washington Court of Appeals

Lisa Worswick, Washington Court of Appeals

Thomas Bjorgen, Washington Court of Appeals

Brad Maxa, Washington Court of Appeals

Linda Lee, Washington Court of Appeals

Rich Melnick, Washington Court of Appeals

Lisa Sutton, Washington Court of Appeals

Kevin Korsmo, Washington Court of Appeals

Laurel Siddoway, Washington Court of Appeals

Rebecca Pennell, Washington Court of Appeals

Robert Lawrence-Berrey, Washington Court of Appeals

Aurora Bearse, Washington Court of Appeals Court Commissioner

Jay Bromme, Washington Court of Appeals Court Commissioner

Dennis Sweeney, retired Washington Court of Appeals


Superior Court Judges

William Acey, Asotin, Columbia and Garfield Counties, retired

Lesley Allan, Chelan County Superior Court

John Antosz, Grant County Superior Court

Steve Dixon, Adams County Superior Court

David Estudillo, Grant County Superior Court

David Frazier, Whitman County Superior Court

Scott Gallina, Asotin, Columbia & Garfield Counties Superior Court

John Knodell, Grant County Superior Court

Gary Libey, Whitman County, incoming

John Lohrmann, Walla Walla Superior Court

Craig Matheson, retired, Benton-Franklin Superior Court

Richard Miller, Adams County Superior Court, retired

Cameron Mitchell, Benton-Franklin Superior Court

Alicia Nakata, Chelan County Superior Court

Howard Neill, Whitman County Superior Court Court Commissioner

Annette Plese, Spokane County Superior Court

Michael Price, Spokane Superior Court

Philip Raekes, retired Benton-Franklin County Superior Court

Carrie Runge, Benton-Franklin Superior Court

Jackie Shea Brown, Benton-Franklin Superior Court

Bruce Spanner, Benton-Franklin Superior Court

Evan Sperline, Grant County Superior Court, retired

Robert Swisher, Benton-Franklin Superior Court

Duane Taber, retired, Benton-Franklin Superior Court

Vic VanderSchoor, Benton-Franklin Superior Court

Scott Wolfram, Walla Walla Superior Court

Dennis Yule, retired Benton-Franklin Superior Court

Robert Zagelow, retired, Walla Walla Superior Court


District Court Judges

Richard Fitterer, Grant County District Court

Kris Hedine, Walla Walla District Court

Holly Hollenbeck, Benton County District Court, retired

Jim Hurson, Kittitas County District Court

Scott Marinella, Columbia County District Court

Steve Osborne, Benton County District Court


Elected Officials

Kim Allen, Grant County Clerk

Garth Dano, Grant County Prosecuting Attorney

Jerome Delvin, Benton County Commissioner

Josie Delvin, Benton County Clerk

Michael Killian, Franklin County Clerk

Susan Marinella, Columbia County Clerk

Andy Miller, Benton County Prosecuting Attorney

Jim Rabideau, Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney, retired

Jim Raymond, Franklin County Sheriff

Joe Reynolds, Whitman County Assessor

Larry Taylor, Benton County Sheriff, retired

Denis Tracy, Whitman County Prosecuting Attorney



Rusty McGuire, Colfax

Guy Nelson, Colfax


Toni Meacham, Connell


Kim Boggs, Dayton


Jim Baker, Ephrata

Brian Christiansen, Ephrata

Jerry Moberg, Ephrata

Patrick Moberg, Ephrata

Lee Pence, Ephrata


Brian Anderson, Kennewick

Tim Anderson, Kennewick

Levi Barber, Kennewick

Lowell Barber, Kennewick

Anthony Beattie, Kennewick

Lauren Beattie, Kennewick

Terry Bloor, Kennewick

Allen Brecke, Kennewick

Ryan Brown, Kennewick

Megan Chang-Ngaruiya’, Kennewick

Annie Chau, Kennewick

Christopher Childers, Kennewick

Andrew Clark, Kennewick

Tim Coleman, Kennewick

Brian Davis, Kennewick

William Davis, Kennewick

Steve Defoe, Kennewick

Brian Doyle, Kennewick

Jim Egan, Kennewick

Jay Flynn, Kennewick

Richard Gierth, Kennewick

Steve Hallstrom, Kennewick

Bill Hames, Kennewick

Dennis Hanson, Kennewick

David Hevel, Kennewick

Nathan Henry, Kennewick

Andrew Howell, Kennewick

Floyd Ivey, Kennewick

John Jensen, Kennewick

Alex Johnson, Kennewick

Megan Killgore, Kennewick

Karen Koehmstedt, Kennewick

Jeffrey Kreutz, Kennewick

Julie Long, Kennewick

Ryan Lukson, Kennewick

Tim Mahoney, Kennewick

John Matheson, Kennewick

Kristi McKennon, Kennewick

Kristen McRoberts, Kennewick

Tonya Meehan, Kennewick

Gary Metro, Kennewick

Russell Mikow, Kennewick

Michaela Murdock, Kennewick

John O’Leary, Kennewick

Anita Petra, Kennewick

Mason Pickett, Kennewick

Matt Purcell, Kennewick

John Raekes, Kennewick

Bill Reinig, Kennewick

Scott Rodgers, Kennewick

Norma Rodriguez, Kennewick

Beau Ruff, Kennewick

Diana Ruff, Kennewick

John Schultz, Kennewick

Robert Schultz, Kennewick

Darrell Smart, Kennewick

Jeff Sperline, Kennewick

Don Stancik, Kennewick

Craig Stilwill, Kennewick

Ned Stratton, Kennewick

Craig Swenson, Kennewick

Emily Sullivan, Kennewick

Bart Tomerlin, Kennewick

Megan Whitmire, Kennewick


Pat Acres, Moses Lake

George Ahrend, Moses Lake

Tom Cordell, Moses Lake

Brian Dano, Moses Lake

Shane Kennison, Moses Lake

Larry Larson, Moses Lake

David Lybbert, Moses Lake

Bryce McPartland, Moses Lake


Steve DeFelice, Othello

Steve Sackmann, Othello


Crane Bergdahl, Pasco

Teresa Chen, Pasco

Teddy Chow, Pasco

David Corkrum, Pasco

Jefferson Coulter, Pasco

Tim Dickerson, Pasco

Karla Kane Hudson, Pasco

Brian Hultgrenn, Pasco

Dan Hultgrenn, Pasco

Tim Klashke, Pasco

Mark Kuffel, Pasco

Steve Palmer, Pasco

Joe Ramirez, Pasco

Ed Shea, Jr., Pasco

Janet Taylor, Pasco


Kelly Brown, Pullman

Tim Esser, Pullman

Colleen Harrington, Pullman

Rob Rembert, Pullman

Roger Sandberg, Pullman

Linda Schauble, Pullman

Jane Von Frank, Pullman


Jan Armstrong, Richland

Dan Arnold, Richland

Tom Atwood, Richland

Pat Chvatal, Richland

Andrea Clare, Richland

Eric Eisinger, Richland

J. D. Evans, Richland

Kerri Feeney, Richland

Randy Jameson, Richard

Daryl Jonson, Richland

Scott Johnson, Richard

Allison King, Richland

Arthur Klym, Richland

Tom Lampson, Richland, retired

Mario Ledesma, Richland

Rob McMillen, Richland

Shea Meehan, Richland

Al Mouncer, Richland

Coke Roth, Richland

Katherine Sierra-Kelly, Richland

George Telquist, Richland

Bob Thompson, Richland

Linda Waite, Richland

Craig Walker, Richland

John Ziobro, Richland


J. Donald Curran, Spokane

Matthew Daley, Spokane

Joseph P. Delay, Spokane

Mike Pontarolo, Spokane

Nicholas J. Pontarolo, Spokane

Robert H. Thompson, Spokane

Michael J. Walker, Spokane


Mike Hubbard, Waitsburg


Tom Baffney, Walla Walla

Andrea Burkhart, Walla Walla

Janelle Carman, Walla Walla

Evan Carden, Walla Walla

Barbara and Dan Clark, Walla Walla

Michael de Grasse, Walla Walla

Tim Frederickson, Walla Walla

Theresa Hampson, Walla Walla

Dan Hess, Walla Walla

Peter Hess, Walla Walla

Brandon Johnson, Walla Walla

John Julian, Walla Walla

Thomas Knoll, Sr., Walla Walla

Brent Leonhard, Walla Walla

Jamie Lewellyn, Walla Walla

Scott Lowry, Walla Walla

Greg Lutcher, Walla Walla

Bill McCool, Walla Walla

Jill Peitersen, Walla Walla

June Riley, Walla Walla

Tom Scribner, Walla Walla

Larry Siegel, Walla Walla

Robert Van Dorn, Walla Walla

Richard Wernette, Walla Walla


Ken Harper, Yakima

Anthony Menke, Yakima



Clarence Alford, Jr., Pasco

Ed and Celeste Allen, Richland

Denis Austin, former Pasco Police Chief

Donald Bais, College Place

Dallas Barnes, Pasco

Twlya Leiske Bechtel, College Place

Brad Bell, Pasco

Conna Bond, College Place

Scott Child, Kennewick

Josh Chittenden, Kennewick

John Clement, Kennewick

Roderick Coler, Kennewick

Adele Connors, Kennewick

Thurman Cooper, Kennewick

Jeff Daniels, Kennewick

Teresa Day, Pasco

Kathy Dell, Kennewick

Theo and Ruan Douay, Pasco

Andrew Dressler, Walla Walla

Bonnie Eichner, College Place

Bill and Cathy Preston Etter

Rich Foeppel, Kennewick

Jim French, Richland

Jeff Groce, Kennewick

Len and Ruth Harms, Pasco

Don and Melissa Hart, Kennewick

Donald Havre, Kennewick

John and Teresa Henriques

Ken and Trish Hohenberg, Kennewick

Carl Holder, Kennewick

Joe Jackson, Pasco

Wayne Jackson, Pasco

Webster and Ruth Jackson, Pasco

Pat Jonson, Richland

Edwin Karlow, College Place

Marjorie R. Kaspar, Kennewick

Patrick and Bonnie Kennedy, Kennewick

Kim Lampson, Kennewick

Zach Larsen, Kennewick

Eric Little, Kennewick

Gary Long, Kennewick

H. Mackenstadt, Kennewick

Herman and Linnie Maxwell

Craig Mayfield, Kennewick

John McLaughlin, Kennewick

Jeanne and Robert McPherson

Walt and Bonnie Meske, Walla Walla

Robert Metzger, Pasco Chief of Police

LeRoy Milton, Pasco

Josepher Montes, College Place

Carol and Ken Moser, Kennewick

Heather Murray, Kennewick

Dorothy O’Brien, Walla Walla

Noni Patchett, Pasco

Jeff Petersen, Kennewick

Matthew Petersen, Kennewick

Ursula and Ted Potter, Kennewick

George and Renee Reece, Pasco

Jayne Reynolds, Pullman

Patricia Reynolds, College Place

Tim and Debbie Richman, Pasco

Mary Roth, Richland

Lorelei Pierce Saxby, College Place

Betty Schauble, Pullman

David and Barbara Schultz, Pasco

Bob Spaulding, Kennewick

Dorothea Stevens, Kennewick

Rex and Nancy Stratton, Richland

Judy Sweeney, Richland

Larry and Suzanne Swisher, Pasco

Tom Thompson, Kennewick

Bruce Toews, College Place

Kristeen Troyer, Kennewick

Nikom and Josie Wannaruche, Kennewick

Ron Weed, Kennewick

Sondra Wilson, Kennewick

Helen Zolber, Walla Walla




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